WWJ 950 News Radio

WWJ 950 AM is a news radio station that provides broadcasting through AM module on the frequency of 950KHz. Moreover, the radio based in Detroit which is the most populous and biggest city of Michigan, US. It is considered as the biggest channel that serves news broadcasting. Therefore, the slogan of the network is “Detroit’s #1 News Station.”

The first program of that channel was aired on 20 August 1920, and it is owned by an American Broadcasting Company known as Entercom Inc. Moreover, WWJ 950 AM is working as a B class radio that utilizes 50,000watts power. WWJ has no callsign meaning, but during 1921-1922, it used WBL as a callsign. You can also take an overview of KLIF 570 AM.

WWJ 950 AM is committed with the format of “all news” and provides all it’s broadcasting to news and discussions. Moreover, that platform has many sibling stations that are WDZH, WYCD, WOMC, WXYT, WXYT-FM. Following you can take an overview of the schedule of the platform:

Jim Matthews 12-5am
Tom Jordan & Roberta Jasina 5-10am
Jackie Paige 10am-2pm
Greg Bowman& Brooke Allen 2-7pm
Jason Scott 7-5am
Mike Campbell 6am-12pm Sundays and Saturdays
Dayna Clark 6pm-12am Sundays and Saturdays


Visit official site : wwjnewsradio.radio.com.