Here we will start our discussion by describing an AM radio station that currently provides broadcasting on the frequency of 930KHz. Moreover, the network is committed with news, and talk format means all of its transmission is around news and discussion shows. WTAD 930 is licensed to Quincy which is well known as Gem City of Illinois, United States.

WTAD 930 aired its first programming since 8 July 1925 and an American broadcasting Company known as STARadio Corporation owns it. Moreover, it’s a B class network that utilizes 5000watts in the day time and 1000watts in the night. The callsign meaning of the platform is “We Travel All Directions” and serves its transmission to Quincy, Hannibal, Keokuk. You can also listen to WHKY 1290 AM.

Initially, that network was committed with a different format that is Oldies, but later in 1994, its format changed to News and Talk. Moreover, the platform will not be letting you bored while listening to its programs. Now it’s a time to take an overview of the schedule of the channel that is the following:

Coast to Coast 12-4am
The Morning With Gordon Deal 4-5am
America In The Morning 5-5:30am
Red Illinois 5-5:30am
Mary Griffith 9-10am
Rush Limbaugh 11am-2pm
Game Night 5-9pm
Sleep Tight 8-8:30pm Saturdays
Legacy Living 9-10am Saturdays


Link to official site : wtad.com.