WKXY 94.3 is an American radio station that provides transmission of news and talk shows. The channel is currently working on an FM module and provides broadcasting on the frequency of 94.3MHz. Moreover, the channel is based in Golconda, which is the county seat of Illinois, United States.

WKYX also has AM network which offers transmission on the frequency of 570KHz. Moreover, the channel is owned by Bristol Broadcasting Company, Inc. It’s a B class network that operates on 3,100 watts power. AM station consumes 1,000 watts power in the day time and 500 watts in the night time.

WKYX shares its programming with sister stations that are WDDJ, WDXR, WZYK, WPAD, WNGO, WLLE, WKYQ, and WKYX-FM. Moreover, it is affiliated with ABC Radio, and there are some former callsign letters such as WXZB, WLIE, WDXR, etc. You can listen to your favorite channel(AM or FM) according to your interest. Now we will take an overview of the schedule:

Coast to Coast with George Noory 12-6am
The Greg Dunker 6-9am
Dollars and Sense Thursdays 10-10:30am
The Rush Limbaugh Show 11am-2pm
The sean Hannity 2-5pm
Mark Levin 5-8pm
Dana show 8-10pm
Dennis Prager 10pm-12am
Men who win 11-12pm Saturdays
The Lutheran Hour 8-9am


Official website : wkyx.com.