WHQR is an American station that is presently working on an FM brand and serves broadcasting on the frequency of 91.3MHz. Moreover, it’s a public platform that entertains people with classical music. The station provides broadcasting to Wilmington which is the port city in the United State of North Caroline.

WHQR came into existence since March 1979 and Friends of Public Radio Incorporation owns that network. Moreover, it is affiliated with National Public Radio, and callsign meaning of the channel is “Wilmington High-Quality Radio.” Here is also a sibling station of that channel that known as HQR and provides Classical music.

WHQR 91.3 is a C class network that operates on 100,000watts of power and that power known as Effected Radiated Power. Here is a typical term that usually used in the FM module which is HAAT(Height Above Average Terrain). So, HAAT of that network is 348 meters and now move towards the schedule of programs:

BBC World Service 12am
Morning Edition 5am
Marketplace Morning Report 5:51am
Morning Edition 7am
BBC Newshour 9am
1A 10am
NPR Newscast 11:01
CoastLine 12pm
The State of Things 1pm
Here and Now 2pm
Fresh Air 3pm
All Things Considered 4pm
The Daily 6pm
Smooth Landings 7pm
Jazz 8pm


Visit official website : whqr.org.