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Voice Of Charity is a Christian radio station in the Middle East that performs transmissions according to Christian religion. The network was founded by the congregation of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries and went on air first time in 1984. The channel’s primary objective is to get satisfaction from the listeners’ side. Secondly, the platform wants to deliver pure religious talks which would help listeners to bring close to God. Since the inception of the broadcaster, it serves a vast variety of biblical, liturgical, spiritual humanitarian, social, ecumenical, and cultural programs.

Furthermore, all the programming schedule is operated by religious scholars, bishops, and priests that provide perfect guidance for their loyal listeners. With the blessing of strong faith, listeners would be able to transform themselves into better human beings. The channel is the leading Christian radio that targets full panoply, including the children, the elders, the youth, the ailing, the weak, and people of good habits without any discrimination.

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Voice Of Charity has a robust FM and online presence, and the domestic community can access the transmission via 105.9, 106.1, and 106.3 MHz. Meanwhile, the broadcaster allows international listeners to get programming via the online medium.


Voice Of Charity holds such traits that cause attraction for listeners to get transmission of the channel. The broadcaster offers transmission in English language. At the same time, the station provides 24 hours of the stream without any interruption in programming. Furthermore, the radio allows the audience to request your favorite topic to be discussed there.

Social links

For the sake of more information, you can visit the social accounts of the radio on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Official website

In the case of any problem related to the platform, you can visit the official website of the radio at ‘kreimmediacenter.org.’