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THR Gegar is one of the mainstream radio stations in Malaysia that is currently working on an FM module. The station serves broadcasting of contemporary hits, and talk programs radio formats. Moreover, the network often provides a stream on some Islamic content. The channel catches main traffic from East Coast Peninsular listeners, which is the largest part of Malaysia. Furthermore, the slogan phrase of the network is ‘Permata Pantai Timur, ’ which refers to ‘The Jewel of the East Coast.’


THR Gegar is basically an FM channel that used FM frequencies primarily to air programs. The frequency of the station varies with concerning areas. Moreover, the radio reserved 88.8 MHz frequency for Kuantan, 88.1MHz for Kota Bharu, and 106.8MHz for Kuala Terengganu. Besides this, the platform is also broadcast shows via the internet.


Gegar was formerly known as THR Gegar, and the rebranding of the channel was occurred in 2018. The radio went on air first time on 1st January 2005, almost 14 years ago. Moreover, the platform has headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and mainly offers stream to West Malaysia. Furthermore, the radio performs all its operations under Malaysian media company known as Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd that holds many other stations. Initially, it was serving transmission 6 to 10, but now you can get day-long programs. In 2017, the network acclaimed an award of No one radio brand because it had 2.8 million listeners in a week.


THR Gegar serves you outstanding features, and the most admirable one is a quality transmission that makes it unique from other community radios. Moreover, the communication and programming language of the platform is Malay. You can even hear its programming from sister stations such as Hitz, Melody, Lite, Mix, My, goXuan, Raaga, and Zayan. Furthermore, you can also visit another dominant channel that is ERA FM.


Morning Rush Shake 10-3 Afternoon
Night Strikes Cheerful Sunday Morning
Sunday Night Options East Coast Options


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