The Core FM 90.3

WVPH is an FM radio station that also known as “THE CORE” which currently provides broadcasting on the frequency of 90.3MHz. Moreover, the station is present in Piscataway that is a township in New Jersey, United States. The network provides its services to Middlesex County, New Jersey.

The network is committed with Variety format that mainly offers various genres of music. Moreover, that format also includes news, talk show, and sports. The slogan of the platform is “The Core: The Pulse of Piscataway High.” Furthermore, it’s an A class radio that operates on 126-32watts of power.

Piscataway Board Of Education owns that FM radio. Moreover, the channel offers you with many genres of music including rock, loud rock, urban, RPM, jazz, and world. That channel provides an impressive collection of these emerging genres track. Now it’s a time to take a look of that platform’s schedule:

Brian s 12-11am
Various 2-6am
Piscataway high 6-6:30am
Various 6:30-10am
Core of the matter 10-11am
Lucid Listening 11am-12pm
Let it Linger 4-6pm
I got aux 10-11pm
Mulligan stew 8-9pm
Preeya and Abby 9-10pm


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