Suria FM Sabah Free Streaming

Suria FM Sabah is the superior radio station in Malaysia that serves transmission of various entertainment formats, especially music. It’s a big source of entertainment that will add much fun and enjoyment to your life. Moreover, the station collects audience from the whole world. The channel offers you a diverse range of emerging music genres, including hip-hop, dance, electronic music. Furthermore, the channel provides attractive broadcasting that fetches new listeners all around the globe.


Suria FM Sabah is presently operating on FM module and serves transmission on various frequencies that vary with respect to concerning regions. Furthermore, another powerful and easy way to get broadcasting is an online stream.


Suria FM Sabah went on air first time in 2005, and it performs operations under Star Media Group that holds many other radios. Moreover, the network has headquarters in Sabah, which is the significant state of Malaysia. All the broadcastings take place in Malay language. Furthermore, the station is considered among those radios that require no introduction.


Suria FM Sabah attains worthy traits for its lovable audience, and the significant feature of the radio is a quality transmission. Moreover, the programming schedule of the platform is managed by professional DJs, that is the main reason for its popularity. Furthermore, you can connect to its stream all day long because it serves you 24/7 broadcasting. For more fun, you should visit Osai FM.

Mobile Apps

Make your connection more efficient with that platform by downloading mobile applications from Google Play Store and App Store.

Social Links

You can visit the social platforms of the radio, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Official Website

The radio also avails an official website that will help you to attain any detail about the network. Moreover, the official site address is ‘’’