Suara Rakyat FM Free Radio Sttreaming

Suara Rakyat FM is an informative radio brand in Malaysia that serves the transmission of various talk programs that includes national and international discussions. Moreover, the station even offers you music programs that is a great way of entertainment. The network has an admirable range of loyal listeners that are much important for it. Furthermore, it provides a vast category of emerging tracks that make people addicted to its stream.


Suara Rakyat FM is consistently working on FM module and serves transmission on varies frequencies that vary with respect to concerning areas. Moreover, the station even allows you to set transmission via the internet, that is an efficient way of communication.


Suara Rakyat FM is operating under Malaysian media company and the station was launched in 2013. Moreover, the network got a valuable place among Malaysian radio community. All the communications take place in Malay.


Suara Rakyat FM attains many useful advantages for loyal listeners that are very important for radio. Moreover, the most significant and admirable trait of the channel is standard and quality streaming. The platform is not forcing you to listen to only one format because it serves you a diverse range of programming. Furthermore, the channel entertains its listeners with 24 hours of consistent stream. The most significant place for folk music lovers.

The creditable feature of the channel is that it will offer you authentic and accurate information that will be much useful for you. Besides this, you should also visit another most listened and popular radio that is Osai FM.

Social Links

The network allows you to follow it on social platforms that are Facebook, Instagram.

Official Website

Link to the official website is ‘,’ and you can get any of your interesting details about the station.