StayTrue FM Free Radio

StayTrueFM is the dominant and passionate radio station in Malaysia that is serving the transmission of a variety of music. The network mainly focuses on Rock tracks and the superior channel for rock lovers. Moreover, the station spreads happiness through its amazing stream, that is the main reason for its attraction. The headquarters of the platform is present in Kuala Lumpur, which is the biggest and national capital city of Malaysia. Furthermore, it can make your journeys enjoyable and full of fun.


StayTrueFM is currently operating on an FM radio module and serves broadcastings on various frequencies that vary with concerning areas. Moreover, it even allows you to get programming through an online medium that is the fastest and convenient way of transmission.


StayTrueFM attains many creditable features that make it different from other Malaysian radios. The most significant and admirable trait of the network is quality and standard programming. Moreover, the station allows you to request your most-loved music to play there. Besides this, you can even make chats with professional DJs that handle the programming schedule of the station.

Furthermore, the current situation of the radio is very stable. Initially, the station had faced many hurdles related to the stream. Besides this, the slogan of the channel is ‘Simple The Best.’ Here is the good news for talented newborn artists that the platform can promote your songs in a reasonable amount. Moreover, you can also stream and visit another famous and most listened radio that is Osai FM.

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Official Website

The official website of the channel is ‘’ through which you can get any useful information and can clear any of your queries.