Soup FM Free Radio

Soup FM is a Tamil-language Malaysian radio station that offers you transmission of various music genres. The network is the emerging platform and the biggest opportunity for Tamil people to listen to their cultural and traditional music. Moreover, the platform provides you a splendid stream of Kollywood songs. The programming schedule of the station attains a diverse range of latest and hit tracks. Furthermore, it also serves you broadcasting of many other entertainment Tamil programs.


Soup FM broadcasts its programs through FM frequency that varies depending on different regions. Moreover, the channel even serves you broadcasting via the internet, which is the convenient and fastest way of communication.


Soup FM avails you many admirable facilities that make it unique from other networks. It’s a perfect platform that allows you to add some fun and enjoyments in your life. Moreover, it offers you broadcasting form 10 am to 1 am. We are well known that Malaysia is a country that holds many other counties’ population. Different country’s people live there that make it a multi-cultural country. Furthermore, you will get every country’s culture and traditions in Malaysia. That’s why there are many Tamil radios available in Malaysia.

Soup FM’s biggest trait is that it allows its listeners to request your favorite music to play there. Moreover, you should also visit another entertainment network that is ERA FM.

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Official Website

Soup FM also launched its official website through which you can get any information about it, and the official site address is ‘