Sawt El Noujoum Free Streaming

Sawt El Noujoum is a well-known socio-cultural art sports channel in Lebanon performing transmission in various formats. The channel’s programming filled with several formats such as Adult Contemporary, Arabic music, pop, sports, news, and entertainment. Moreover, the broadcaster is considered in those initiative channels that satisfy all music tastes for all ages. The network even plays Gulf, Lebanese and Egyptian songs as well as oldies and trending hits.


Sawt El Nouhoum is operating on an FM module and covers the whole of Lebanon on various frequencies, which varies with concerning areas. Meanwhile, it allows an international audience to listen to its programming via the internet. Online stream makes listeners get programming without any boundary hindrance.


Sawt El Noujoum was founded on the 27th of June 1989 and started broadcasting from Araya-Jamhour. After this, the radio was relocated to Beit Mery at the start of 1990. Moreover, the channel’s stream got interrupted twice: the first time due to the license issue and the second time due to lack of waves that was determined by Minister of Communication. Currently, the station is broadcasting live from Beirut, Lebanon.


The most important thing for the radio is the listener’s satisfaction and reliability. Sawt El Noujoum’s main objective to serve a high-quality stream. Moreover, the network’s primary preference is to be a superior radio station in Lebanon. Besides, the broadcaster transmits accurate and authentic pieces of information to its loyal audience.

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Mobile Apps

The station also provided mobile apps to listeners to create a strong link with that network, and you can get these apps from Google Play Store and App Store.

Social Link

The radio can be followed on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Official website

You can take an overview of the official website of the network at ‘’