Newstalk ZB

Newstalk ZB is a radio network licensed for the people of New Zealand while serving the rest of the audience through their online portal. Primarily, the station features news updates which are reported to them via expert reporters spread in all across the radio community. Newstalk ZB is one of the largest media updates provider in the whole country with 50 newsreaders, editors, and reporters nationwide. National audience have plenty of options to enjoy its non-stop streaming as the station has a wide range of frequencies available for different regions.

The channel aired its first signal in 1926 under the callsign of 1ZB. Later in 1994, when many channels in New Zealand were rebranded, Newstalk ZB was also included in that list and hence adopted its current brand name. The license of the ownership of the channel is held by NZME Radio which also owns its sibling station Radio Sport. “New Zealand’s premier news and information radio station” and “New Zealand’s #1 Talk Station” are the taglines which describe the channel in the market. The audience of the station has grown with the passage of time so do its services and currently, it is known by very positive remarks in the radio community. People browse Newstalk ZB to enjoy news updates, talk shows, celebrities’ interviews, music, sports updates, and much more. Speaking of music, the channel also allows its listeners to suggest their favorite music tracks which they play in its particular segment during their regular broadcasting. It also enables you to promote your business through their platform via advertisements. You can also connect to the channel over social media as well.

Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby Mike Hosting Breakfast Kerre Mclvor Mornings
Andrew Dickens Afternoons The Country Larry Williams Drive
Sportstalk Marcus Lush Nights Overnight Talk
The All Sports Breakfast Saturday Morning with Jack Tame The Devlin Radio Show (to mention a few)

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