MyEidol FM Free Radio

MyEidol FM is the biggest entertainment radio station in Malaysia that serves transmission of world’s best music. You can get fun and enjoyment according to your way. Moreover, the station provides you multiple formats of music including world’s Best Music, pop and various other formats. Furthermore, the network has an unbelievable fan base. There are a large number of radios available in Malaysia, and each one has a particular programming style. But that channel’s way of programming is admirable that attracts and addicts everyone towards its stream.


MyEidol FM serves transmission via FM frequency that varies with respect to concerning areas. Moreover, the station also avails you online broadcasting which is the easiest way to listen to its programs.


MyEidol FM went on air since 29 August 2015 and working under Malaysian Media Company that holds many other platforms. Moreover, the network uses Malay and English language for communication.


MyEidol FM contains various benefits for its listeners, but the most significant and admirable trait is quality streaming. Moreover, the radio consistently offers 24 hours of programming. All the DJs are professionally trained, and they manage radio’s programming schedule in a very generous way. Furthermore, it is also an excellent way to create friendships with each other. Besides this, you should also stream Live Kpop Radio.

Official Address

The radio has an official setup on Blogspot, and the official address of their blog is ‘idoliniradio’