KNOW FM 71.1 / MPR news FM

In this discussion, we are going to describe and FM radio station known as MPR 91.1 which is well known for KNOW-FM. The network is currently providing broadcasting of news and talk shows on the frequency of 91.1MHz. Moreover, the station is based in Minneapolis-St. Paul and serves transmission to the same area.

In 1967, that station aired first programming, and Minnesota Public Radio is a network which owns that KNOW-FM. Moreover, it is a C class radio that consumes 10,000watts power for its transmission. HAAT (Height Above Average Terrain) is a specific term used in FM module, and that platform has 388.5meters HAAT. You can also listen to WTIC 1080 AM.

The callsign meaning of the channel is ‘know,” and former callsign is KSJN that was used during 1967-1989. Moreover, that channel also shares its programming with sister stations that are KCMP, and KSJN. You can also listen to its programs through HD Radio. Now it’s time to take an overview of the schedule of MPR:

Newsday 12 midnight
The Forum 1am
Sporting Witness 1:50am
Discovery 2:30am
The Inquiry 3am
Business Daily 3:30am
Witness 3:50
Morning Edition 4am
MPR News 9am
1A 10am
The Takeaway 1pm
News Hour 2pm
Fresh Air 8pm
As It Happens 10pm

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