Miraaths Deutsch Radio Live Streaming

Miraaths Deutsch Radio is the popular Saudi Arabia radio station that offers pure Islamic transmission. The network broadcasts educational stuff along with the country’s leading talk programs. The broadcaster directs its broadcastings to Deutsch community all across the world. Besides, the channel is the superior broadcaster working unique and offers an excellent presentation of shows that attracts listeners all across the boundaries.

Miraaths Deutsch Radio is present in Middle East region and has headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The platform is a beneficial place, especially for Deutsch Muslims that can easily get engaged to Islamic teachings while listening to it. Furthermore, the network is offering translations of Fatawas, recitation of the holy book, and other religious talks.


Miraaths Deutsch Radio has an admirable online presence through which you can easily get transmission. Another remarkable trait of online streaming is that it allows you to get transmission from anywhere in the world.


The station offers 24 hours of broadcasting without any pause in a stream, and the whole communication and programming take place in Arabic and Deutsch dialects. Meanwhile, it allows the audience to request any topic to be discussed and guides it.

Mobile Apps

The platform also provides mobile apps to build a robust connection with the station, and these applications are present at Google Play Store and App Store.

Social links

Listeners can show their online presence while following it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Official website

To get live online streaming of the channel, visit the official website at ‘meraath.de.’