LTFM Radio

LTFM is one of the most significant entertainment radio station of Malaysia that provides transmission of various music genres. The station is a perfect platform for you to start your day with beautiful vibes. Moreover, the channel has an adverse range of audience that is addicted to its outstanding broadcasting. Furthermore, the programming of the station is presented by professional DJs.


LTFM is currently operating on an FM module and entertains Malaysian community on different frequencies. Frequencies of the platform vary with respect to different areas. Moreover, you can join that platform by setting your device on the internet.  In this way, you can get it’s broadcasting from the whole world.


LTFM entertains the whole world with the splendid transmission, and serves many admirable traits to its users. Moreover, the most significant feature of the channel is quality programming. In addition to that, you can also listen to its stream at any time in the day because it serves 24 hours of broadcasting. All the tracks aired according to a suitable time. If you want to take an overview of another Malaysian radio then visit ERA FM.


Country Down 5-7am
Jesus is the Only Hope Program 7-8am
Joy Show 8-10am
News Shift 10-11am
Hello LT 1st Edition 11am-12pm
Rilax Class A 12-2pm
Total Afternoon 2-5pm
Forro Do Ze 6-8pm
Cool Night 8-10pm


Mobile Apps

The radio also offers its listeners to connect via the mobile applications that are available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Official website

Visit the official website to clear any problem, and the official address of the site is ‘’ Moreover, you can also connect yourself with that platform by joining it on social places such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.