Live Kpop Radio

Live Kpop Radio station is an online radio station that offers broadcasting from Malaysia. The network is the biggest and first channel of pop music in Malaysia. Moreover, the statin entertains the Malaysian community with kpop genre of music. The platform does not only serve best hits in regular routines but also provides outstanding tracks on your special days. Furthermore, the platform acclaimed the award to be the first kpop channel of Malaysia.


Live Kpop Radio is presently serving transmission via the internet and considered as one of the most effective way of communication. Moreover, another benefit of online broadcasting is that you can get it from anywhere in the world.


Live Kpop Radio has thousands of admirable and credible benefits for its loyal audience. One of the outstanding feature is quality streaming. Moreover, the station serves broadcasting 24/7, and it is such a platform that ready every time to entertain you. Besides this, it also includes many entertainment-based programs that are much popular. Furthermore, you can also join another channel to get more fun that is IMPAIN FM.

Official Website

For the sake of more details and information, you should take an overview of the official website that is ‘livekpopradio.wixsite.come.’