KTSA 550 AM is considered as one of the famous American radio station that is currently operating on an AM module. Moreover, the channel offers its transmission of talk shows on the frequency of 550KHz. The network is based in San Antonio, which is the seventh most populous city in Texas, United States. The slogan of the station is “Stay Connected San Antonio.”

KTSA 550 AM was established on 1 September 1922 as WCAR, and an American Broadcasting company known as Alpha Media Incorporation owns it. Moreover, it is affiliated with ABC News Radio and Westwood One Network. You can even listen to its shows on sibling stations that are KZDC, KHHL, KJXK, KTFM, and KLEY-FM.

KTSA 550 serves its transmission to San Antonio Metropolitan Area and all transmission provides is in English language. The callsign letters of the channel were randomly assigned, and meaning of these letters refers to “Keep Talking San Antonio.” Furthermore, it’s a B class platform that is working on 5,000watts of power.


Trey Ware 5-9am
Jack Riccardi 9am-1pm
Dave Ramsey 1-3:45pm
The O’Reilly Update 3:45-4pm
Sean Rima 4-7pm
Lars Larson 7-10pm
Dana Loesch 10pm-1am


Visit official website : ktsa.com.