kobat FM

Kobat FM is the biggest entertainment radio station of Malaysia that is currently working on an FM module. The network provides outstanding music transmission of multiple genres. Moreover, the channel is not only working on music formats, but you can also listen to some other entertainment programs. There are thousands of radios available in Malaysia, but that network has unique worth. Furthermore, the station also offers you top-class music on your special events.


Kobat FM is primarily working on an FM frequency that varies with respect to different areas. At the meanwhile, the channel also provides an online transmission that is the simplest and easiest way to get the stream.


Kobat FM is working under a most significant Malaysian Media Company, and it came into existence since 18 January 2013. Moreover, it is supposed to be as one of the most listened platform that got success in a short time period.


Kobat FM has many useful traits, and one of the admirable feature is quality streaming. Besides this, you can get a stream of that channel at any time in the day or night. Moreover, all its broadcasting takes place in English language. Furthermore, you should also visit another most listened and popular platform that is ERA FM.

Official website

Visit the official website to get any information about that platform, and the official address is ‘kobatfm.blogspot.com.’