Klasik Nasional FM

Klasik Nasional FM is one of the biggest entertainment platform for those who love classical music. The network is currently operating on an FM format and provides amazing transmission of great music from world’s great artists. Moreover, the station also offers you many talk shows that are based on new and old Malay music, ethnicities fresh, international, traditional, culture, and current information. Furthermore, the network has the vision to become the most popular radio with many variety of content. Besides this, the slogan of the station is ‘Menggamit Kenangan’ that refers to ‘Reaching Memories.’


Klasik Nasional basically provides transmission via FM frequency that varies with concerning areas. Furthermore, you can also use online transmission because that is the easy way to connect to its stream.


Klasik Nasional FM came into existence since 1 April 1998 and initially served broadcasting to Klang Valley only. After this in 2005, rebranding of the station undertaken and that time its name was KLASIKfm. Moreover, the network is based in Kaula Lumpur, and it offers transmission to whole Malaysia. Furthermore, the platform is operating by Radio Televisyen Malaysia, that is a Malaysian communication company. You should also visit another popular Malaysian channel that is ERA FM.


Klasik Nasional FM is carrying many admirable traits for its loyal listeners, and one of the most significant feature is the quality stream. Moreover, the radio entertains you with 24 hours of continuous programming. Furthermore, the station’s communication language is Malay. It also shares its programming with sister stations that are AI, Asyik, Minnal, Nasional and TraXX FM.

Classic Harmony 12-6
The Classic Dish 6-10
Classic Melody 10-2
Mestika 2-5
Pearl Segment 5-8
Classical Ritual Segment 8-12


Official Website

The official address of the official website is ‘radioklasik.rtm.gov.my.’