KL Online Radio Station

KL FM is one of the regional radio station in Malaysia that is currently operating on an FM module. The network offers transmission of great music and many other entertaining segments. Moreover, the channel’s main purpose of the transmission is to close people of Malaysia to the government. The vision of the radio is to make that platform most dominant and competitive. Furthermore, the slogan of that platform is ‘RENTAK INTERAKTIF KOTA’ that means refers to ‘City Interactive Beats.’


KL FM primarily provides broadcasting via FM frequencies that vary with respect to different areas. Moreover, another way to connect to its transmission is online streaming that is the easiest way of communication.


KL FM is licensed to Kaula Lumpur and offers all its broadcasting to Kaula Lumpur, Selangor, central and south part of Negeri Sembilan. Moreover, the formal name of the network was Radio Malaysia Kaula Lumpur (RMKL). Before this, it was also known as radio 3. Furthermore, you can also get its stream from sister stations such as Asyik, Bintulu, Johor, IKIM, Kedah, Labaun, etc.


KL FM is one of the leading and most listened station that got a high place in Malaysian Community. Moreover, it is one of those platforms that serve high-quality stream. Besides this, you can listen to its transmission at any time because it provides 24 hours of broadcasting. The communication language of the channel is Malay language. Furthermore, the playlist is managed by choice of a loyal audience. Also, listen to ERA FM Sarawak that is another most listened channel of radio.

Official website

Visit the official website of KL FM that help you a lot to get any information about the network and official address is ‘klfm.rtm.gov.my.