Kenyalang Radio

Kenyalang radio is a private radio station in Malaysia that offers amazing transmission of music and many other entertainment programs. The channel is located in Sarawak and created by Sarawak Worker’s Party (SWP) to raise their voice against the government and leaders. Moreover, the channel has an admirable range of its listeners.


Kenyalang Radio currently provides its transmission via the internet that is the simplest and easiest way to connect to that platform. In this way, you will get its stream from all around the world.


Kenyalang Radio is containing many admirable features, but one of the best trait is quality streaming. Moreover, you can listen to the best music round the clock because it serves you 24 hours of continuous programming. Malay language is used to make communication appropriate between listeners. Furthermore, you can request your favorite music to play over there. The playlist of the radio managed by experienced DJs. Besides this, it is such a platform that got fame in a short passage of time. Also, visit another Malaysian station that is IMPAIN FM.

Official Website

Visit the official site of the channel for any information and the official address is ‘’ Also visit social platforms of that network such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.