Kelantan FM

Kelantan FM 102.9 is one of those radio stations that is operating under Malaysian Government. Currently, it is operating on an FM module and serves transmission of the world’s great music. Moreover, the channel provides thousands of varieties in music. The network entertains its loyal audience with amazing and admirable music that is taken by the world’s famous artists.


Kelantan FM serves broadcasting on the frequency of 102.9 MHz but that value changes with concerning areas. Moreover, the platform also offers you online streaming that you can get via the internet.


Kelantan FM 102.9 aired its first programming since 16 November 1963, and it is working under the management of State RTM Manitoba. Furthermore, the network has headquarters in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. The platform covers major Malaysian cities such as Jertah in Rajasthan, Lipis in Pahang and Golok. Moreover, you can listen to its programming near the border of Thailand.


Kelantan FM is one of the leading radio station that uniquely pleases its audience by offering them a cool atmosphere. Moreover, the biggest trait of the station is its quality streaming. The network offers your 18 hours of continuous broadcasting. Furthermore, Tamil and English languages are used to make a connection among listeners. Besides this, you should also visit another popular radio station in Malaysia that is ERA FM.

Official Website

Visit the official site to get any information or update about the radio. Moreover, the official address is ‘’ you can also visit social platforms of that station such as Facebook and Twitter.