jazz lounge radio

Jazz Lounge is one of the popular radio station of Malaysia that serves outstanding transmission of music. Moreover, the channel especially concerned with a jazz music format that is the emerging genre nowadays. It’s a perfect platform for jazz music lovers who want to listen to music all day. Furthermore, the station also brings back splendid memories that still hunt people in a good way.


Jazz Lounge is one of the leading online radio that serves broadcasting via the internet. Moreover, online streaming is an easy way to get that channel’s broadcasting.


Jazz Lounge is carrying many features, and one of the best and admirable trait is quality streaming. You can connect to that platform’s transmission at any time in a day because it offers you 24 hours of continuous broadcasting. Moreover, the radio uses English language for its communication. The platform is a perfect place to promote your music. Besides, the station also supports young talent and air their creations. Furthermore, the station has a strong bond with its loyal listeners. Also, listen to ILA FM.

Social link

The network also has social links that you can follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Official Website

If you are having any problem related to that channel, then visit the official website and clear your ambiguity. Moreover, the official address is ‘jazzlounge.wixsite.com/jazzlounge.’