JAT Radio 90.2

JAT Radio 90.2 is news and entertainment hub serving the boundaries of Serbia while internationally accessible from their online portal. The name of the channel is driven from its former parent company and current partner “Jat Airways” which is also their national carrier. The programs aired on the station are in Serbian language and comprises news updates, Top 40, Top 10, fashion, Pop Music and much more.

The tagline used by the station is “Radio for every day! Hits of domestic pop music”. You can browse to the station to enjoy soothing and relaxing domestic pop music hits. The primary audience of the station is youth from 16 to 25 age group.

JAT Radio 90.2 started its services on 1st of April 1999 and currently counted among most listened channel of the community. The stats from back 2006 tells us that Jat is the most listened radio in Belgrade and 11th most listened channel in Serbia. Currently, “Happy media group” monitors the daily programming of the channel which acquired the broadcaster in late 2006. The radio is also available on social media for updates.

JAT Radio 90.2 Shows

Belgrade Traditional music, Pop, Rock. Naxi Radio 96.9 Beograd Belgrade Pop
Top FM Belgrade Top 40 & Charts Belgrade Traditional music, Pop, Rock.

radiojat.rs is the official site of the channel.