Islamic Tunes FM

IslamicTunesFM is a Malaysian radio station that is working on an FM module. The network is purely a Muslim community platform that is searching for Muslims creative creators and talents entrepreneurs. Moreover, the station is working with the motto to entertain Muslim people with oppurtunities who want to get progress in every field of life, including technology, creative expression, etc. Furthermore, it’s a perfect platform to get the opportunity to promote your Islamic music.


IslamicTunesFM radio serves transmission through FM frequency that varies to concerning areas. Moreover, the platform also avails the facility of online transmission that is the easiest way to get a stream.


IslamicTunesFM came into existence since November 2014. A Malaysian Communication that is known as ‘Loonaq Sdn Bhd’ owns that platform. Moreover, the network also acclaimed ‘1st Muslim Talent Community, Marketplace & Entertainment Hub’ award. Hj Rozman Abas is the founder of the radio. Furthermore, Muhamad Razin Che is the CEO of that network. Besides, you should also visit and listen to another Malaysian Radio that is IMAN FM.


IslamicTunesFM offers its audience with great features and quality stream one of them. The platform is serving 24 hours of programming, and all transmission takes place in English language. Moreover, the radio is the biggest opportunity for emerging talent who wants to bright their future. Furthermore, the channel had promoted thousands of Quran reciters, artists, songwriters, and musicians.

Mobile App

IslamicTunesFM also launched its mobile application to create a strong connection among its listeners. Moreover, you can get that android application from Google Play Store.

Official Website

Follow the official website to get more information and updates related to that platform. The official address is ‘’ Moreover, you can also take an overview of the social links of the station on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.