India Beat Online Radio

India Beat is one of the most listened radio station of Malaysia that provides transmission through the internet. Moreover, the headquarters of that network is present in Kaula Lumpur, which is the national capital and biggest Malaysian city. The channel mainly serves all its broadcastings to Indian community in Malaysia. Furthermore, it provides an outstanding stream of popular Indian music. That’s a huge opportunity for them because it is a perfect medium that offers them with different types of Indian music taste.


India Beat serves all its transmission via the internet because it’s an online radio. Moreover, you can even get its stream from any part of the world.


India Beat channel holding many specialties but one of the admirable feature is a quality stream. Moreover, it entertains Indian people with great music, and you can listen to its stream at any time in the day or night. Furthermore, the channel even offers you with the facility of requesting your favorite songs to play over there. The network shows are operating by experienced DJs that have a great sense of music. Besides, you should also visit another popular radio station in Malaysia that is Cats FM.

Official Website

Visit the official website to clear any of your ambiguity related to that network. The official address is ‘’ furthermore, you should also take an overview of its social accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.