IMPAIN FM Online Radio

IMPAIN FM is one of the biggest entertainment radio station of Malaysia that is currently working on an FM module. Moreover, the channel serves a splendid stream of emerging music genres, and one of the admirable genre is ‘Music Forever.’ The station has millions of listeners that are addicted to that channel’s broadcasting. Furthermore, the platform is working with the motto to happy its listeners in different ways.


IMPAIN FM uses FM frequency to serve transmission in Malaysia but frequency changes with respect to different areas. Furthermore, online streaming is another way to connect to its broadcasting.


IMPAIN FM has many special features, but one of the admirable feature is quality streaming. The channel uses English language to broadcast its programs. Moreover, you can listen to its transmission at any time in a day because it serves 24 hours of continuous broadcasting. The platform follows a fair method of selection for its music to air. That channel guarantees that it will not let you bored. Furthermore, you can also connect to another Malaysian famous radio station that is ERA FM.

Official Website

Visit the official blog of the network to get any of your favorite information about that platform. The official address is ‘’ Moreover, you can even follow it over social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.