ILA FM Online Radio

ILA FM is a Malaysia radio station that is currently working on an FM module and entertains people with the splendid transmission. It’s basically a music radio that is a great source of entertainment. Moreover, the channel is not only serving its stream to Malaysia, but you can even listen to its amazing shows from any part of the world. Furthermore, it offers you many emerging music genres that are pop, rock, 90’s, and hits.


ILA FM provides its broadcasting in two ways. It serves its stream on FM frequency that varies according to different regions. Moreover, you can also connect to its online broadcasting.


ILA FM came into existence in one of the biggest and national capital city of Malaysia that is Kaula Lumpur. Moreover, a Malaysian Media Company owns it. It is purely an entertainment channel and is the right place for those who want to get much fun and enjoyments.


ILA FM is one of the most reliable and successful radio that got fame only because of its quality stream. Here are also many other features that and one of the admirable feature is 24 hours of continuous programming. Moreover, the network offers all its broadcasting in Malay language. Furthermore, the station always prefers its listener’s choice and play the best music for them. Also, visit Damai FM.

Official website

Visit the official website to clear any of your query related to that network and the official address is ‘’ Moreover, you should also visit that platform over social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.