FOX 92.5 FM

Here we are going to describe one of the most significant radio station that is Fox News 92.5 FM working on an FM module on the frequency of 92.5MHz. Moreover, the network is based in Estero, Florida and provides its transmission to Fort Myers, Florida. The current format of the station is News and talks.

Fox News 92.5 FM began its broadcasting in 1979 as a WVHG network, and it is owned by Sun Broadcasting Incorporation. Moreover, the channel utilizes 25,000watts for its transmission and HAAT of the station is 210meters. HAAT(Height Above Average Terrain) is a specific term that commonly used in FM module. Moreover, you should also visit another biggest radio station that is MUTK 90.3 FM.

Fox News 92.5 FM started its broadcasting by providing Oldies Music, but later the format was changed to news and talks format. Hopefully, you will get much informative knowledge while listening to that channel. Following is the schedule of that platform:

Daybreak With Drew Steele 6-9am
Glenn Beck 9am-12pm
Rush Limbaugh 12-3pm
Sean Hannity 3-5pm
The Drive With Tray Radel 5-7pm


Official Website

Visit official website of the station to check any information related to that channel