era FM sarawak

Era Sarawak is a Malaysia’s leading music radio that is operating on an FM module and entertains its listeners through various ways. Moreover, the station’s biggest characteristic of the station is that it offers a quality stream. Furthermore, the network is working on music and provides 24 hours broadcasting in a day.

The radio was founded on 1 August 1998, and it is running under Astro Radio Sdn.Bhd. Moreover, it is the only station that serves multiple genre tracks to its listeners. The channel broadcast its programming in Malay Language. Furthermore, the noticeable quality of the station is that it provides a mixture of music from the 80s to current. Moreover, you can even take an overview of the famous radio of Malaysia that is Bernama Radio.

Era FM Sarawak is currently offering International Hit Songs and Korean tracks. Moreover, that is a national platform that got much fame among the young generation. Furthermore, the platform has almost 4 million young listeners that are addicted to it its stream. You can follow the network over Facebook, Twitter.

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