epic rock

Rock lovers, here is a piece of good news that we are going to present the best rock internet station. Epic rock has been serving since 2004 and has its listeners overall the world. The channel broadcast its airing purely in the English language. Every network becomes famous because of its unique broadcasting style.

The basic format of that radio station is rock genre. Moreover, that platform also broadcast some other format such as symphonic, power metal, progressive, etc. The owner of the channel is Socan Sonixcast Canada that is a media company which has many other platforms. Furthermore, the station came into existence by Jarrod Kailef.

The network has no income source except donations. Moreover, the cost of airing and bandwidth of that radio is almost six hundred US dollar that paid by donations.  The channel has been facing problems since 2018 because they migrated to a new server. You can help that platform by donations that would be really appreciated by the radio.

One more thing about the network is that you can dedicate any song to your favorite one. Moreover, you can follow the official site of the platform for more info epicrockradio.com. Here is following a short playlist of songs:

1)    Tiara

2)    The soul’s sentence

3)    Legends of the shires list

4)    The source

5)    Moon Bathers