CJAD 800/Newstalk 800 CJAD is a brand name which is working keenly to serve the public of Greater Montreal. It’s quality news updates keep the localities of Montreal connected with the rest of the world. The domestic people reach the official broadcasting of the station through 800 kHz frequency on AM dial, 107.3 MHz frequency which is used by “CITE-FM HD2” repeater of it. While the overseas fans enjoy it through its online portal. The power consumption of the station in the daytime is 50,000 watts while in the nighttime it drops to 10,000 watts.

With its studios headquartered on Rene-Levesque Boulevard East in Montreal, the daily programming is aired through the transmitter near Saint-Edouard. Started on 8th of December 1945 by Joseph-Arthur Dupont (that’s where its callsign is driven), CJAD is currently one of the favorite channels of the people for getting news especially related to Montreal.

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CJAD 800/Newstalk 800 CJAD is a large network of stations CJFM-FM, CFCF-DT, CHOM-FM, CKGM, CITE-FM, CKMF-FM are all its sibling channels. Bell Media owns this network of the broadcasters and overlook them. The content affiliation partners of the channel are ABC News Radio, The Canadian Press, CBS Radio News, and Premiere Networks.

People join the channel to get updates related to local weather and traffic, news feeds, music, entertainment and so and so. You are welcomed to join the channel on social medial as well for any query and information.

CJAD 800/Newstalk 800 CJAD Programs

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Iheartradio.ca is the official site of the program.