CHOI-FM 98,1 Radio X

CHOI-FM 98,1 Radio X is a French broadcaster based in Quebec City, Quebec. The frequency licensed to the station is 98.1 MHz while its power utilization is recorded to be 40 kW. The French broadcaster facilitates its audience with the stuff mostly consists of talk radio format, which was adopted by the broadcaster in 2010. In addition to it, the channel is quite familiar in the market as producing the contents like populist opinions and controversial ideas.

Some of its controversial political statements caught the attention of various feminists, prominent politicians, and gay activists. The channel took assist from its sibling radio CHXX-FM. RNC Media operates both channels. Previously, the station was under the control of Genex Communication up-till July of 1996. The assets of the broadcaster were handed over to RNC Media on 8th of May in 2006.

The quality programming of the station is not only enjoyed by the domestic audience but also by its audience present overseas. Stats displayed by the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement ratings tell that station stands as the most listened channel with having 443,100 listeners. Fans from all around the globe are free to connect to the channel on social media for updates.

CHOI-FM 98,1 Radio X Shows

Good Morning Quebec Last Call X-Files Radio
The morning show weekend The Free for All of Radio X Sex, Games and Rock N’ Roll

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