Bernama Online Radio

Bernama Radio is a Malaysian station that is currently working on an FM format. The channel is located at Kaula Lumpur, which is the biggest and national capital of Malaysia. Moreover, the network serves transmission to Malaysia and Singapore. Furthermore, the station provides broadcasting of News, Weather, Information, and Traffic.

Bernama Radio came into existence since 3 September 2007, and Malaysian National News agency owns that platform. Moreover, the frequency of the radio varies depending on areas. The network serves programming in various languages including English, Malay, and Tamil. Furthermore, the slogan of that platform is “Berita Pantas. Info Berterusan.” Here is also another famous Malaysian FM that is Asyik FM.

Initially Bernama Radio was operating on 93.9 MHz frequency, but later on 2012, the frequency of the channel has changed to 107.5 MHz. Moreover, one of the significant advantage of that station is that it also serves the online stream via the internet. On 4 February 2017, Tamil language was introduced the first time in that platform’s programming.

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