BBC Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland considered as one of the biggest platform of UK that based in Glasgow that is the most populous city of Scotland. Moreover, the network provides all its programming in English language. That platform entertains the people with multiple formats including news, music, sports, and talk.

The channel aired its first show on 23 November 1978, and British Broadcasting Corporation owned it. Moreover, BBC considered as one of the most significant Media Company that also owns many other radios and TV channels. Furthermore, platform provides its transmission through different ways that are discussed in the below table:

FM (Frequency Modulation) 92.5-94.7 MHz
AM (Amplitude Modulation ) 585 and 810KHz
Sky 0116 For UK only
Digital Audio Broadcasting 11B, 12D, 11C
Freeview 719 For Scotland
Freesat 712
Virgin Media 930


The platform was launched with the aim of giving full-time transmission. Moreover, that is the only station that entertains with multiple genres. You can choose any of your favorite category while you are going to connect with that station. Now I am going to describe the schedule of that station:

Street Feast 06:00
Out Of Doors 06:00
Good Morning 08:00
Sheeren 10:00
Breaking The News 10:30
Off The Ball 12:00
Take The Floor 19:00
Pipeline 21:00
Billy Sloan 22:00
New Every Sunday 06:30
The Kitchen Café 07:30 Sundays
Sportsound 12:05

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