BBC Radio 4 Extra

Here we are going to describe a BBC 4 extra radio station that is a digital radio which provides its services to the whole UK. Moreover, the network owned by British Broadcasting Company which is a Canadian media group and holds many TV platforms as well as radios. The broadcasting format of that platform is comedy and drama.

BBC 4 extra came into existence 2 April 2011 and provided its transmission 24 hours a day. The channel has different frequencies for different areas.

DAB 12B mono
Freeview 708  stereo
Freesat 708 stereo
Sky (UK only) 0131 stereo
Virgin media 910 stereo
 Virgin media Ireland 929  stereo


Here is a small history of the network that platform was launched in 2002 as BBC7. Moreover, the platform changed its name to BBC radio 7 and again relaunched in 2011. The channel had 1.642 million people in a week. In late 2016, the channel’s listeners increased to 2.184 million.

Now you can see the schedule of that channel is following:

Liz Lochhead 00:00
Ray Bradbury 00:45
The pillow book 02:00
Inheritance tracks 03:10
Down your way 03:15
Saturday drama 04:00
The Gambaccini Years 05:30
All Gas Gaiters 08:00
We are in business 08:30
The pianist of Yarmouk 09:00
The listing projects 10:10
The wall 14:30
Poetry extra 17:00
The prisoner 18:00
The headset set 23:30
Cabin pressure 23:00


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