Batu Kurau Radio

Batu Kurau FM is a Malaysian radio station that is presently operating on an FM module. The network is basically working on music and provides you with the best music all the time. Moreover, the channel offers tracks from some specific genres that are Hip Hop, Pop, and World Music.

Batu Kurau FM has much importance while you are going to discuss Malaysian Radio Community. It is because the channel got much fame in a very short time period because of its splendid programming. Moreover, the station even provides you online stream through which you can easily connect to it. Here you can also listen to ERA FM.

Batu Kurau FM offers much variety in programs, and primary categories are divided into two slots, one is education, and the other one consists of information shows. Moreover, it is your perfect choice if you are going to connect with Malaysia community. Furthermore, you can follow that channel over facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.

Official Address

You can visit the official website to clear any query about that station and the official address is ‘’ Furthermore, you should also follow the network over instagram, facebook and twitter.