Atukoi FM

Atukoi is considered as the most emerging Malaysian radio station that is currently working on an FM module. Moreover, the channel is present in Sabah, the land below the wind. The network became famous because of its unbelievable and outstanding transmission. Furthermore, the station offers you broadcasting of various music genres.

Atukoi FM considered as the leading music channel that entertains the people of Malaysia with great tracks. Moreover, the network’s priority is to provide quality broadcasting without any interruption. All the programming of the network takes place in English language. Furthermore, the platform is running with the help of experienced DJs. To get more enjoyments, you should visit another famous Malaysian radio that is Berita Rakyat.

If you are looking for an excellent Malaysian music platform, then it’s a sincere suggestion to you to connect yourself here. Moreover, the biggest advantage of the station is that it will not let you bored. You really get much fun and entertainments while listening to its broadcasting. Furthermore, you can even request your favorites here.

Official website
In the case of any difficulty or query, you can visit that radio’s official website and the official address is ‘’