Asyik FM

Ladies and gentleman, please pay attention because here we are going to describe one of the most prominent and emerging radio station that is Asyik Radio. Moreover, the channel is operating on an FM module and provides amazing and splendid transmission. The network provides broadcasting of talk shows and contemporary hit music.

The network is based in Kaula Lumpur and serves transmission to West Malaysia. Furthermore, the platform offers its programming in two languages; one is Malay, and the second one is Aslian. Moreover, the slogan of Asyik FM is “Moi Num Moi.” A Malaysian media company is known as “Radio Televisyen Malaysia” owns that platform.

The station shares its programming with many sister stations that are Nintulu, Johor, IKIM, Kedah, Kelantan, Langkawi, Sandakan FM, and many others. Furthermore, you can take an overview of that channel’s DJs that are Me’en, Hardy, Ema, Haiza, Busu, Zainab, Fatima, Azizah, and Laili. Following is the schedule that is divided into segments.

Gah Ju 8-11am
Mai Hik 11am-3pm
While Naughty As Well 3-7pm


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