94.9 News Now WJJF

94.9 News Now WJJF or also familiar in the market as simply WJJF, is a news and talk broadcaster serving the audience of Eastern Long Island and Southeastern Connecticut. The station entertains its audience with news feeds and talk shows from all around the world. The local people have access to its programming on the frequency of 94.9 MHz while the international audience can enjoy it through its online portal.

WJJF is working to connect to localities with the rest of the world for which its daily programming consumes around 5,600 watts of effective radiated power. A class channel has been serving the world with its quality streaming since 27th of February 2012. The channel describes itself in the market as “News Now and Stimulating Talk.”

The program offered by the radio are affiliated with CBS Radio Network while the ownership of the station is under Full Power Radio which controlled by John J. Fuller. This is why the callsign of the station is WJJF because of its owner, “John J. Fuller.” Three other broadcasters join this network which are WBMW, WWRX, and WSKP.

94.9 News Now WJJF Shows

The Laura Ingraham Show The Dennis Miller Show The Mike Gallagher show
The Savage Nation The Rusty Humphries Show

You can visit the official site of the station at 949newsnow.com