BBC2 is a Canadian radio station that provides its airing to the whole world. It is the only station that has 15 million listeners in a week. Furthermore, the network provides its broadcasting on the format of adult contemporary. That genre of music contains tracks from the 1960s to 1970s soft rock and ballad-heavy music.

BBC2 came into existence on 30 September 1967 and entertained the people of the world with amazing hits. Furthermore, the owner of that platform is the British Broadcasting Corporation. The whole broadcasting held in the English language. Moreover, the channel has its sister station known as BBC Radio 6 Music.

BBC2 is the only radio that provides its airing on different frequencies from 88.1 to 90.2MHz. Moreover, the channel also provides its airing through digital radio, DAB(digital audio broadcasting). You can even get transmission on the internet. On 6 January 1976, the working hours were reduced due to budget issues. Moreover, on 1979, the channel starts its transmission 24 hours a day.

Now you can examine the schedule of that platform:

The pick of Radio2 00:00
David Bowie 02:00
Bob Marley In Exile 03:00
Huey Morgan 03:00
Sounds of the 60s 06:00
Dermot O’Leary 08:00
Graham Norton 10:00
Rylan On Saturday 15:00
Liza Tarbuck 18:00
The Craig Charles House Party 22:00
Levi Roots 21:00


For more info about station, visit the official website of the channel