50S HITS ZONE Live Streaming

50s Hits Zone is the most popular radio broadcaster in the territory of Cyprus and entertains the audience with great classical hits. The network provides transmission of various other music genres but mainly focuses on oldies music. Platform is categorized into most listened radios of the country. The channel got fame in a short matter of time due to the excellent presentation of main programs that are not only popular in local areas but also in the whole world.

The main headquarters of 50s Hits Zone is located in Limassol, which is one of the biggest cities in Cyprus. The radio is more prevalent among those who like oldies music by heart and is a perfect choice for such an audience that wants to listen to classical tracks all day long.


50s Hits Zone is an online radio station that has a robust online presence, and the audience can step into its programming via the official website. Meanwhile, people can even get broadcasting by downloading mobile applications from the respective app store.


50s Hits Zone carries several admirable features, and the most significant characteristic is quality streaming with the standard presentation of programs. Network provides 24 hours of continuous programming without any interruption in a stream. The whole broadcasting of the channel purely takes place in English dialect.

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Visit the official website at ‘alltimegreatestradio.com’ that would help listeners to get any information about it.