1210 The Man

1210 The Man is a radio broadcaster that works for the public of Miami/Frt Lauderdale area. The domestic audience enjoys its official streaming on the AM frequency of 1210 kHz. The channel not only serves the local listeners but also listened by the people of the international community via its web streaming service. The B class station works from Miami Springs, Florida and airs its programming non-stop around the clock.

The daily operations of the channel are powered by 47,000 watts in day hours, and 2,500 watts are utilized by the broadcaster in night hours. Its quality services not only satisfy the domestic audience but also appreciated by the international community. All assets of the station belong to Cielo Media which is also a co-owner of its sibling broadcaster WEXY. The audience of the station can listen to its programming in both English and Spanish languages making it the newest bilingual talk radio broadcaster in the market of South Florida.

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Formerly, the channel was called as WCMQ while currently, its callsign has changed to WNMA. The quality of its services and efforts of the team made the station one of the top listened broadcasters of the market. The contents of 1210 The Man are mostly from talk shows, news feeds, music and entertainment, community updates, and international affairs. The channel also keeps its audience up-to-date through the means of popular social media platforms.

1210 The Man Programs

The Bob & Tom Show The VIP Men’s Room
Alive Again Sunday Morning Live

The official web portal of the broadcaster is 1210theman.com.