107.8 Radio Jackie

107.8 Radio Jackie is an English radio broadcaster based in Kingston upon Thames. The channel provides services to the boundaries of South West London and North Surrey on the FM frequency of 107.8 MHz. The regular operations of the channel are carried out from the studios based in Tolworth. It is an independent local channel that not only focuses on serving the domestic audience with quality programming but also targets the international community as well.

The broadcaster is branded by the slogan of “The Sound of South West London and North Surrey.” The shows of the broadcaster are particularly related to contemporary format, covering topics like popular hits, covering popular stories and information from domestic regions, updating about local and international news and much more. If you are looking to grow business through advertisement, then Radio Jackie can be a useful platform, and that’s the primary source of income for the broadcaster.

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As compared to its early days when the station aired for the first time on 19th of March in 1969, to its current state, the station has improved its services quite a lot. Its feedback is very positive by its audience, and it is continuously working on the improvement of its services. Apart from its web portal, the station also keeps updated its followers over social media as well.

Programs of 107.8 Radio Jackie

Jerry Wright Early Breakfast – Dan Noble Henry Riley
Eddie Castle Jackie Drive – Mick Brown Dave Owen
107.8 Radio Jackie Stuart Davidson Weekend Breakfast – Mick Brown

You can head over to official website at radiojackie.com.